Obey The Law

Obey The Law

The ∆ Church proclaims: Obey. Which law is it referring to and where is our agreement?

∆ Church Ministry is publishing its first sermon in order to lead understanding of our belief in Law. The ∆ Church Faith is there are three laws. Those are Physical Law, Natural Law, and Social Law. And, based upon practice of our faith, these include everything counted as science, life, and society.

Our attention should be drawn to dissent. The ∆ Church says obey the law and the most common reaction is no. But our attention focuses on, not how people are dissenting but, how we perceive The Law!

People, the people on Earth and being personified in Heaven, dissent and we may all know, followers born not into The ∆ Church but brought to worship from someplace, the story of Hell’s creation when certain angels dissented after God cast Lucifer from His Kingdom. And today everyone focuses upon those people who break Social Law not the ones we discover arguing their opinions! Today, they may say, “I obey the law I just don’t listen to you.”

Thus, reading The ∆ Church Ministry’s sermon about our faith in law, we focus our attention: What is everyone listening to?

This ∆ Church Ministry posted sermon to guide practice of its faith features a picture of what may be called punk dance or Punks dancing. And none of us believe that dancing is often illegal, according to Social Law. But this image clearly portrays some non-conformity with society. Depicting aggressive movements aimed at other individuals, same-sex amalgamation, and alternative hairstyles including spikes and bare-skin, the dancers may be dissenting from rule. Yet perceived dissent is NOT indicative of an infraction and heightened skepticism, added scrutiny, or increased invasion of personal their space may not only compel the dancers to disobey The Law but itself is illegal in most societies and could lead to civil war!

It’s evident today not all the people in all their societies believe they have to Obey The Law. But The ∆Church Ministry presumes all followers respect Physical Law and recommends using The Law of Gravity to respect law, avoid detrimental consequences to life, limb, and property of disobedience, and to evaluate your ability in order to conclude which domain you feel comfortable in to the extent you’re confident communicating the answer to other members of society!

There may be people who perceive The Law as something that’s not to be obeyed despite The Law of Gravity. Those same people may therefore believe in the fourth domain of law, God’s Law. However, instead of jumping off the roof of their garage or out of a second story window, the most COMMON method of disrespect or dissent is to argue. These people argue they can overcome The Law of Gravity, citing birds, balloons, or bags filled with hot air held-open above flames before the airplane was certified for commercial use, tested, or even invented. But Faith is these things do OBEY THE LAW OF GRAVITY.

…it sounded like she was harassing me and harassment can be a criminal offense.

Last month I shared a home with a woman, called here Sin D. There came a point in time when I noticed my stuff moved. So, before I left the house no one but Sin or I had access to, I took a mental picture of where that stuff was. And, when I returned home, my stuff was disturbed again. With the homeowner away I had to go to local police and explained I know what the law is. Social Law, varied by society, doesn’t really regulate what happened to me but, when Sin told police she didn’t eat the bread I returned home to find tossed, it sounded like she was harassing me and harassment can be a criminal offense.

This ∆Church Ministry sermon guiding understandings of Faith isn’t about what the law is. In fact, in this specific case, The Law would be Social Law. Rather, this sermon concludes with what I obeyed in order to help followers communicate which domain they feel comfortable in because all three laws exist in one system.

There’s well known law, in the domain Social Law, called simply Private Property. Although this title varies by person and changes to it evolved over 2,000 years, the most common reference is “real estate” and the most frequent citation is “trespassing.” In fact, it was by 1,776 the “private sector” finally emerged. And it’s contentious in 2019 that Capitalism is a higher order of Social Law however, if someone else takes your house, it’s easy to pose the question, “Where do you want me to live?” Some folks address the government on homelessness; more often, the people’s governments are liquidating their property (liquidity).

I perceived The Law, as it exists, to be something that doesn’t have to go as far as prison. I listened to the social aspect of trade.

When the homeowners returned they may have decided to do nothing. In this case nobody was put out of the house. I stayed there and I felt comfortable with the way Capitalism works but Capitalism, as it may be practiced, allowed me to leave and take my share of the home if I wanted to. What domain do you feel most comfortable with? Subscribe to The ∆Church Ministry sermons and post your comments below.

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