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Natural Laws

According to ▲Church Faith, Natural Law is life’s order. This second law is essentially survival of the fittest and respects adaptation to physical conditions. It changes extraordinarily slowly but exponentially and its changes significantly affect survival.

Natural Law is biologically ordered rule governed by growth and adaptation. Viability is required for natural existence. To exist the life must convert energy, develop, grow or mature, and reproduce.

Natural Law is natural selection regulated by self interest. Vaguely reflective reproductive success, natural selection is predominated by life’s survival to the point in time it’s sexual. Thus, natural selection includes a Law of The Jungle which manifests as a rule to kill or be killed. To survive life may convert energy by consuming other life, turning it to waste, and success in this (sub)system relies upon defense, physical defense like locale or self-defenses including immunities. On non-Darwinian terms selection is defined by winning for any cost.

Natural Law progresses at the rate of evolution but, in cases when mobilities (physical, natural, social mobility) redefine locales, its exponential effect on endurance is quickly realised. Individuals are extremely susceptible to its outcome and its grace relies on consequential reinforcement of life itself.