Physical Laws

Metaphysical Laws

According to ▲Church Faith, Metaphysical Law is a mere reflection of order. This second-order first law is essentially substantial order applied to another domain frequently Social Law. It changes often and its changes guide our individual choice.

Metaphysical Law recognizes the present society at a given time but its subject-matter mimics rule, neither governing nor fully explaining outcomes. A reflection of form on society, metaphysics is pacifist explanation of the consequences of human order.

Metaphysical Law is a displacement of physics. It applies to social structure. It is applied to any human ordered structure like capitalism but also applies to human behaviors relative normative composites in psychology and behavioral economics. Although capitalism’s founded on property rights in Social Law its expressions are metaphysical- energy to transfer properties from one to another is called transaction cost. Examples of Metaphysical Law are the expression of gravity in stock markets as in what goes up must come down, The Law of Diminishing Returns, high price discouraging demand intersecting curves of low price discouraging supply, and a body at rest tends to stay at rest applied to efforts.

Metaphysical Law is contemporary yet, despite improvement, arbitrarily imposes upon the second and third domains. Despite The Law of Gravity, enforcing financial collapse based on high price is unjustifiable!